What is Art? What is Beauty?

What is Art? What is Beauty?

Presenter: Douglas Fraser

October, 2020

Lascaux Hands: https://miro.medium.com/max/1000/0*hY1c3UqLkn7f69Bz.jpg

Lascaux Animals:

As a result of Vanessa’s recent, engaging and stimulating presentation on “Pilgrimage”, there was much for me to think about. After being reminded of the Lascaux Cave Paintings as well as other sites from Ireland, Europe, India, where our human minds expressed themselves, two related questions came to mind:

“What is art?”

“What is beauty?”



  1. Art is creation.
  2. Art is the greatest expression of the human spirit.
  3. Art is an expression of human values.
  4. Art is an expression of the creator’s interior life.
  5. Art is a subjective encounter.
  6. Art is anything you want it to be.
  7. Art is everything. Art is nothing!