The Politics Of Division And Hate In Canada

Can We Counter The Politics of Division and Hate in Canada?

Presenter: Barrie Webster

February, 2021

Over the past four years, many of us have come to despise Donald Trump and the things he stands for. We see his facilitating of white supremacy and hatred of ‘the other’ as phenomena that are characteristic of the US. Are we justified in feeling smug about it? Are these forces present in Canadian society, too?

“Manipulation of public opinion using social media disinformation is rampant” says report from Oxford University in the UK

One glaring example: ‘Anything that causes chaos’ – the richly funded RT channel

The American dilemma: Trump’s big lie will linger

Meanwhile, in Canada


1. How concerned are you about the pursuit of hate in Canada?

2. What actions can you suggest that could mitigate it?

3. How do you test news on social media for credibility?

4. Can we avoid getting ensnared by hatred-oriented extremism in Canada?

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