Should The Secular Movement Get Political?


Presenter: Robert Light

January, 2016

We make many new friends and allies year after year across a broad spectrum from coast to coast to coast.  We have atheists, agnostics, skeptics, free-thinkers, non-believers and so on swelling our intentional communities.  Meanwhile church attendance is withering away especially in the under-30 years demographic.  What can and should we do with our growing numbers? 

We still have God in the preamble of our Constitution.  Blasphemy remains a federal offense in the Criminal Code.  Our national anthem mentions God as if the alleged deity is a Canadian citizen.  Our head of state across the pond is the head of the Anglican Church and “defender of the faith.”  The churches are still tax exempt, which means you and I must pay up in taxes for the $15,000,000,000 shortfall.  It amounts to $500 tithe paid to benefit the churches by every working individual in Canada.

*** VSHA Vice President Robert Light is a dedicated social and ecological activist.  Since 1976 he has worked in many causes from anti-nuclear activism in the South Pacific, saving old-growth trees in Clayoquot Sound, blockading US Navy warships, protesting cruise missile tests in Northern Alberta, and fighting the Contras in Nicaragua.