Presenter: Vanessa Hammond

September, 2020

What jumps to mind: The final night of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo? Camino de Santiago de Compostella? Symphony Splash? The Haj? Family weekend at Mt Washington? The Abbotsford Airshow?

Think about these three questions: In what context did you first become aware of pilgrimage and how did it relate to your life? When, why, where did pilgrimages originate? How do you define pilgrimage and what does this indicate about your priorities?

https://www.bl.uk/learning/timeline/item126565.html What do we learn in the first stanza of this, the first surviving major text in Early Modern English, about the concept of pilgrimage at the time of Chaucer?

Does this alter or confirm your opinion?


Pick two or three of these. For whom is each important and why? Apply the diagram below to any pilgrimage.

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