NATO: In Or Out?

NATO: In Or Out?

Presenter: Robert Light

February, 2020

You may have noticed last week that the world was almost pulled into a major war between America and Iran.  We had NATO forces in their client state of Iraq.  We had the Iranian regime with their silent partner Russia.  Both sides eyeball to eyeball.  High alert!  Then, they both blinked.  We all went back to sleep. 
What was Canada doing there?  Why are we getting ourselves into these situations?  One can be sure when some head of state with a resource-rich country learns Canada has declared war on them that astonished leader must be asking  “Where is Canada and what did we ever do to them?”     

What do we ever get out of our get-along go-along appeasement reflex with Empires?  The Boer War, Great War, World War Two, Korea, Gulf War I, Afghanistan, and the occupation of Iraq.   They call it collective security.  It looks more like a herd marching merrily to the slaughter.
Maybe we should just walk away and have our own home-grown foreign policy, for once.  Long ago we did whatever the Brits said.  After the Quebec Conference?  The Yanks.  They call it NATO.
The Soviet Union imploded quite on its own 30 years ago.  NATO is still here.           
NATO, in or out?  Come this Wednesday for a lively discussion on our past and future with or without NATO.   -RL

“Always remember that 9 out of every 10 soldiers are fools.” – George Bernard Shaw.
“If my soldiers could think I wouldn’t have an Army!” – Kaisar Wilhelm the Second.
“Why is blood being spilled over Canada?  It is but a few acres of snow.” – Voltaire.

“Why did Canada send warships to Afghanistan when Afghanistan is a land-locked nation with no navy or even an air force?” -Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

“Everyone’s a pacifist between wars. It’s like being a vegetarian between meals.” -Colman McCarthy