Media Bias

Media Bias – Are They? If So, How?

Presenter: Barrie Webster

December, 2020

What do we mean by Media Bias? We currently have lots of fodder for discussion in the US media.

There have been many opinions expressed on bias in the media, especially in association with the recent US election. Several outlets have offered opinions on this subject.

1. The corporate media are biased, but not as right wingers think:

2. NBC sees bias against conservatives:

3. The BBC cast doubt on there being bias in social media against US Republicans, but there may be a large advantage for the right wing on Facebook:

4. There’s information and then there’s disinformation…

5. So what about the situation in Canada? Is the CBC biased? If so, how?

Canadian media in general: what can we say? There’s a wealth of information in this reference.


So what’s your bias about media bias? Don’t tell me you’re not biased!!