Mass Surveillance And It’s Consequences

Orwell Was Right? Mass Surveillance And It’s Consequences

Presenter: Dr. Paul Kamill

August, 2014

Please read the attached presentation abstract by Dr. Kamill.  Dr Kamill asks us to think about our ever advancing communications technology in light of Orwell’s ‘1984’, and it’s effect on our society (and our rights). 

In his brief, Dr. Kamill includes some of his personal experiences: “In 1983 I was a ‘Cold Warrior’. I was sent to Moscow, as a ‘diplomat’ and doctor, and was there for nearly four years. Three Party leaders died whilst I was there – now, don’t get excited! We had at least two ‘spy’ events…”

He concludes with questions:

“Our youth have grown up with this ‘culture’, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. They seem not to be phased by it, and, admittedly, there are good things about some parts of it all. So, here’s the question. Should we as a society accept that the genie is out of the bottle, or should we be trying to stuff it back in? Would you rather be off the grid? Do we have any choice? What good have we seen with this constantly ‘turned on’ society? I doubt that any of us really want “1984” but can we avoid it?”

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