Left vs. Right Politics

Left vs. Right Politics – Can there be compromise?

Presenter: John Pope

August, 2013

‘The Third Way’ was an important, and ambitious historical try at a left-right compromise at the highest level.  Please take a look at this Wikipedia page:



The Left and Right political divide exists at all levels from world governments to local community groups like the VSHA.  Most democratic organizations have a set of principles that both left and right abide by.  So why are there so many internal struggles for influence going on at all levels?

What about the values the organizational principles entail?   Are values that an organization espouses through it’s principles be something that can be compromised?  Altered?  Discarded?  Reversed?  Are some more ‘fundamental’ than others?

If world leaders do not compromise (especially militarily), are we doomed to constant wars? 

What about compromising at the personal level?  Can you remember a compromise that changed your life?