Investing And Donating Sustainably

Presenter – Glynne Evans

June, 2021

What are your pet formulae for keeping Earth abundant and in as stable a condition as possible, and will you or have you placed your bets with the dealer?                                       Remember, The House – aka Mother Nature, always wins in the end. Can we bet with and not against The House? The complications are many, whether considering single stocks, mutual funds, pre-IPOs, and private equity impact disruptions, or donations to charities, to non tax deduction eligible causes or to political parties.

Is it renewable energy, female education, contraceptive supply, regenerative agriculture, cloud seeding, plastic  replacement, community redesign,   tree planting, fresh water transport, highly reflective paints, plastic eating bacteria development, methane or CO2 capture and sequestration, desalination,     habitat preservation, compact and passive thermal building, urban or local agriculture, more non-animal “meats”, virtual travel improvement technology?

Or are you a scrooge and just want your tax money to go to regulation and enforcement of travel bans,  vegetarian and non-dairy food diets,               one child policies, merchandise reduction, inheritance and wealth taxes, and forced redistribution from us to them? 

What will you do, and what might be the flaws and limitations of your ideas as well as of others?  

Cheque books not necessary this week, though a collection plate may appear with a fire and brimstone preacher if Mother Nature wills it.😇  (It may be something more valuable than your money that is collected.) 

Select your own readings from googling , Guy Dauncey – The list, The Energy Mix, The National Observer, Autonomous Electric,                                           The Tyee, Hakai Magazine, The Guardian, The Narwhal, The Monitor, Trevor Hancock’s  Times Colonist  columns and many other sources.

Sustainable, “green” or ethical investing is any investmentstrategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social/environmental good to bring about social change regarded as positive by proponents.  Wikipedia

N.B. It is assumed that as good secular Humanists everyone has read Revelations, The book of Daniel, Nostradamus, and Milton’s Paradise Lost.