Gun Control, Gun Violence, And The “Alt Right”

Gun Control, Gun Violence, and the “Alt Right”

Presenter: Barrie Webster

May, 2019

Recent shootings in various parts of the world demonstrate the dangers of lax gun regulation, but also the problems associated with the promotion of firearm ownership by far right extremists, both in Canada and internationally. Globe and Mail article in Saturday’s paper (April 27, 2019, A13-16) centre-fold feature article

Gun-related deaths in US vs. all terrorist related deaths (1969-2009) including 2001-09-11:

(viz. 5586 terrorist-related internationally vs. ~30,000 gun-related annually 1986-2010 in US alone)

More guns make country less safe

And the US Second Amendment

Action Being Taken by the Parkland Survivors and Friends

Teenage activists against gun violence quickly grasped several crucial things:

“…such violence can’t be dealt with by focusing on gun control alone. You also have to confront the other endemic problemsexacerbating the gun violence epidemic, including inadequate mental health resources, systemic racism and police brutality, and the depth of economic inequality.”

There is likely a connection between gun violence in the USA and the US military and CIA actions overseas.

Quick establishment of New Gun Laws in New Zealand followed the massacre of 50 Muslims in Christchurch

Following the Christchurch massacre of 50 Muslims at two mosques, the New Zealand government mover swiftly to regulate gun ownership.


Can we do the same here in Canada? Do we want to? What sorts of political influences are there that make this course of action difficult?

Gun Violence continues both in Canada and abroad. What are the solutions?

How important are education and mental health?