Climate Change Denial

Climate Change Denial – A Serious Threat to Global Security

Presenter: Barrie Webster

April, 2015

Climate Change is arguably the biggest threat to human existence on this planet:

Reports from the International Panel on Climate Change can be found here:

Doubt about Climate Change stands in the way of action – deniers are not just skeptics:

The Insurance Industry not in the denier camp:

Governmental Action needs support from voters:

Provincial action in the form of a carbon tax in BC was initiated in 2008 met with opposition from the NDP. The Green Party has grown in popularity partially as a result. The result is the splintering of political opposition to governments that don’t fancy standing up to big oil and other big energy interests.


What can we do as Humanists, bent on furthering the use of scientific inquiry in policy making?

How should we deal with the propaganda against proactive measures to mitigate climate change?

Are climate change deniers the only reason why governments are not taking strong action to mitigate the effects of climate change?  What other factors are holding us back from seriously addressing this looming catastrophe?