Climate Change, A Carbon Tax, The Economy, And Humanity

Climate Change, a Carbon Tax, the Economy, and Humanity

Presenter: Barrie Webster

January, 2019

We Have 12 Years from September 2018 to Limit Climate Change [Read the Summary Report at least]

A Carbon Tax is Good for the Economy

Carbon Tax Backed by Canadian Chamber of Commerce

But Populist Support for the Status Quo…

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley are staking their careers on it

    – but employment prospects are bleak in the bitumen extraction industry

    – but shareholders like automation of ore trucks

Climate Change Performance Indices for Canada are Abysmal

Let’s Bury the Hatchet and get on with it!

Questions for discussion:

1. Why are some jurisdictions avoiding the imposition of a carbon tax? Are these reasons valid? Could there be a more effective strategy?

2. What are we doing individually and collectively to reduce our own carbon footprints? Is it enough? Who is setting the pace?

3. Can we bring things around in the 11 years remaining?

4. What about our grandchildren?

5. What if there is not enough time left to save the planet?