Clean Energy Options In B.C.

Clean Energy Options In B.C.: The Problem Facing Us

Presenter: Barrie Webster

November, 2014

With pressure from the provincial government to develop large projects such as Site C on the Peace River and NE BC liquified natural gas (LNG), it is apparent that these and other alternatives need to be thoroughly and urgently evaluated. Because of the serious consequences of ignoring climate change, it is essential that we give this matter close attention.


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Individual Scale Clean Energy – Solar


South Meager Power Project

Geothermal – Reality Check by CBC


What is BC’s public mood on clean energy?  Are BCers willing to give up cheaper energy for more environmentally friendly energy?

What role does conservation play in this debate?  Do light bulb changing and driving less polluting cars make a difference?

What role does industry play in this debate?  Can industry adapt to a lower or no-growth economy?

Are there other ways to lower gg emissions besides the ones mentioned here?

Is the BC government educating the public on LNG development?  Is the government being progressive and balanced in it’s approach to energy in this Province?

Is the dominant media representing this issue in a balanced manner?