Chinese Authoritarianism

Chinese Authoritarianism In A Rapidly Changing World

Presenter: Barrie Webster

March, 2018

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Pressure to Adopt Chinese Authoritarianism ‘in order to Create Societal Harmony’

China is moving ‘to promote harmony’ in Chinese society by condemning dissent and blacklisting dissidents.

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Is creeping Chinese political culture a threat to democracy?

Does authoritarian capitalism work better than democratic capitalism?

In a crowded world with looming crises (e.g., the devastation of climate change), is authoritarianism, with rapid decision-making, becoming more attractive?

On a crowded planet, can democracy endure or is authoritarian rule the way to go? Are there benevolent dictators we can trust?

How can we justify selling interests in Canadian corporations (crown and other Canadian corporations) to Chinese financial interests when we know that most are at least partly owned by the Chinese government?