Canadian Prosperity

Canadian Prosperity – Where Do We Rank Worldwide?  Are We Happy Yet?

Presenter: John Pope

June, 2019

The Legatum Institute Foundation is a registered charity which publishes The Legatum Prosperity Index:  It ranks the world’s countries by various categories based on in-depth research.

Canada ranks #1 in ‘Personal Freedom’, but only #8 overall, and only #21 for ‘Economic Quality’ and ‘Health’, and #19 for ‘Natural Environment’. 

Please take a look at the web site above to learn what they based their decisions on.

Let’s discuss whether or not we agree with Canada’s or other countries’ rankings.


Are we happy yet?

Which ranking are you most surprised by?  Why?

Canadians are proud of our health care system, so why are we rated at just #21?

Can prosperity be measured in other ways, or was this list of ‘pillars’ adequate?

Are some parts of Canada more prosperous than other parts?  Why?

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