Canadian Politics – Elite Wealth vs. Elite Education (vs. Neither) – Piketty’s Analysis

Canadian Politics – Elite Wealth vs. Elite Education (vs. Neither) – Piketty’s Analysis jul 21 BW

Are Climate  Change Denial And Patriarchy Strongly Interconnected? jul 7 JO and OB

Whiteness – A Racial Concept That Has Been Weaponized jun 16 BW

How The U.S. Is Obstructing Security Council Resolutions On Palestine jun 2 JR

Investing And Donating Sustainably jun 21 GE

Plague! Pandemic! – Have We Learned Anything Yet? may 21 VH

Public Trust in Science, the Corona Virus Pandemic, and Big Money apr 21 BW

Microcredit apr 21 GH

The Coronavirus What shall we do with it? apr 21 BW

Why Would We Celebrate March 17th? mar 21 VH

The Politics of Division and Hate in Canada feb 21 BW

Searching For The Real America jan 21 JR

Geothermal Electricity for BC jan 21 BW

Disinvesting from Fossil Fuels dec 20 PF

Media Bias dec 20 BW

BC’s Energy Resource Development Challenges nov 20 BW

What is Art? What is Beauty? oct 20 DF

Does Charitable Status Undermine Progressive Political Actions? sep 20 JR

Pilgrimage sep 20 VH

Deliberative Democracy aug 20 BW

The Left-Right Political Scale jul 20 BW

Thinking About Prejudice jul 20 DF

Surveillance Capitalism may 20 MR

NATO: In Or Out? feb 20 RL

Systemic Constraints Within The UN System feb 20 JR

Societal Collapse From Climate Change dec 19 TH BW

U.S.-China Relationship dec 19 JP

Youth Revolt Against Climate Change Inaction nov 19 JP

The World’s Mass Protests nov 19 JP

The Oppression Of Women sep 19 VH

Separation Of Church And State aug 19 RL

Quebec’s Secularism Legislation jul 19 JP

The Climate Crisis – The Role of Advertising jul 19 BW

Canadian Prosperity jun 19 JP

American Jingoism may 19 JP

Gun Control may 19 BW

Three Whistleblowers apr 19 JP

Corporate Exceptionalism mar 19 JP

China’s Crackdown On Religion feb 19 BW

Climate Change And Overpopulation jan 19 JP

Climate Change, a Carbon Tax, the Economy, and Humanity jan 19 BW

Populism dec 18 BW

The Canadian Pension Plan, Ethical Investing, and Tax Havens dec 18 JR

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse nov 18 BW

Global Migration oct 18 JP

Oil And Gas Industries vs. International Climate Agreements oct 18 JP

Religion and Ecology sep 18 JP

Why All The Pessimism? sep 18 FV

Should We Go To Mars? aug 18 RL

The Baby Boomer Generation aug 18 JP

Private vs. Public Ownership jul 18 BW

Intelligence Or Sentience jun 18 GE

The Environment vs. The Economy jun 18 JP

The Art Of Making Decisions may 18 TH

Critical Thinking 101 may 18 JP

Whistleblowers apr 18 JP

Chinese Authoritarianism mar 18 BW

Canada’s International Role And Influence mar 18 JP

The Utilities And Dangers Of Delusion feb 18 GE

Military Conflicts And The Environment jan 18 JP

Futurology dec 17 JP

AI And Robots nov 17 MR

Poverty In Sub-Saharan Africa nov 17 CN

Does Capitalism Need An Overhaul, Or A Burial? oct 17 JP

The Desperate Need For Basic Education In Africa sep 17 PW

Is Personal Privacy A Thing Of The Past? sep 17 JP

Public Symbols And Changing Values sep 17 JP

Mass Media, Propaganda, & Democracy aug 17 AD

Islamophobia, Democracy, Misinformation, And Human Rights aug 17 BW

Dystopian Societies From Fiction To Reality jun 17 MR

Binary Thinking jun 17 BW

Neoliberalism may 17 BW

The Psychological & Religious Foundations Of Population Growth mar 17 AD

The End Of The World? jan 17 JP

Chimeras, Head Transplants, And The Ethics Of Human Evolution jan 17 JP

The Attributes Of A Good Public Education nov 16 TH

Removing The Deity From The Canadian Constitution oct 16 RL

Canadian Values – Defining Canada sep 16 JP

Ending Fossil Fuel Dependency sep 16 JP

The Arms Trade – Canada Is Profiting aug 16 BW

George Grant And The Dream Of An Independent Canada aug 16 AD

Chilcot, Brexit & Implications For Democracy jul 16 PK

The “War On Drugs” jun 16 JP

Population and the Environment jun 16 JP

Tax Cheats Exposed may 16 JP

What Can China’s Suppression Of Religions Teach Us About Binary Thinking? may 16 BW

Movements And Demonstrations apr 16 JP

Nuclear Proliferation apr 16 JP

Multiculturalism mar 16 BW

Euthanasia mar 16 PK

Are Our Economic And Political Systems Working? feb 16 JP

Cop21: A View From The Press Room jan 16 JR

Should The Secular Movement Get Political? jan 16 RL

Terror Attacks nov 15 JP

The Leap Manifesto oct 15 BW

Drone Strikes sep 15 JP

What’s Up With Canadian Foreign Aid? sep 15 NM

Strategic Voting aug 15 JP

The World’s Banking System aug 15 JP

World Refugees jul 15 JP

Sustainable Development jun 15 JR

American Exceptionalism jun 15 JP

Pipelines, Energy Needs, & The Global Environment may 15 BW

Canada Goes To War With ISIS apr 15 JP

Climate Change Denial apr 15 BW

Religious Attire In Canadian Courtrooms mar 15 JP

Is Canada Becoming A Fascist State? mar 15 JP

Poverty – Causes? Solutions? feb 15 JP

Doctor Assisted Suicide feb 15 BH

Let’s Make The World A Better Place! jan 15 JP

Sexual Harassment dec 14 JP

Artificial Intelligence dec 14 JP

Does Security Trump Liberty? nov 14 JP

Clean Energy Options In B.C. nov 14 BW

Capitalism: Does It Provide Prosperity For All? oct 14 JP

The Defunding Of National Science Capability sep 14 BW

Mass Surveillance And It’s Consequences aug 14 PK

Is Government Mass Surveillance A Threat To Our Freedom? jun 14 JP

Overpopulation – How Serious A Problem? dec 13 JP

War: What’s It Good For? nov 13 JP

The Precautionary Principle oct 13 JR

Left vs. Right Politics aug 13 JP

Is Mass Surveillance A Threat? jun 13 JP

Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation may 13 BW

Micro-Loans may 13 LS

Drones: A Threat For Civilians? apr 13 JP

Giving Mother Nature Rights feb 13 BW

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict jan 13 PC

The Doomsday Clock nov 12 JP

Election Fraud nov 12 BW

Are Atheists Amoral? apr 12 PK

Inconvenient Science feb 12 BW

Patriotism: The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel dec 11 PK

How Do Humanists Fit In? feb 11 JS

Neoliberalism vs. Keynesianism jun 11 JP

Credibility And Humanism apr 11 BW

Rationality And The Caring Humanist dec 10 BW

Whose Science Should We Venerate? nov 10 BW

Why Humanists Don’t Have Horns sep 10 BW

The Philosophy Of War JP

Extremism And Hatred JP

Does Poverty Cause Crime? JP

The Trans Mountain Pipeline Project JP

Coal Industry Lobbying BW

What Is The Future Of Humanism? JP

Is Drug Deregulation A Good Thing? JP

The Myths About Organic Farming BW

Dumbing Down The Population JS

Ethics In Canada’s Health System PK

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