Are Climate Change Denial And Patriarchy Strongly Interconnected?

Are Climate  Change Denial And Patriarchy Strongly Interconnected?

Presenters: Joachim Ostertag and Odette Bartnicki

The Link Between our Climate Crisis and Violence Against Women and Girls:  (by Joachom Ostertag)

Why do right-wing men hate Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much? Researchers have some troubling answers to that question:

Invisible Climate Wars, Part I: Climate Destruction as Gender Violence:

Capitalism, Patriarchy and the Mutual Subjugation of Women and Nature:

Smash The Patriarchy: 8 Ways To Do It With Love And Compassion:

Helpful definitions:
 “Patriarchy is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property.”

“Misogyny is hatred or contempt for women or girls.”


What do we see differently if we think of gender equality as an environmental issue and sustainability as a gender issue?

Is climate injustice epiphenomenal of patriarchy?

What do you do to take on the patriarchy and put an end to it?

How do you crush the patriarchy within yourself?

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Originally presented by the GBHumanists Discussion Group