AI And Robots

AI And Robots

Presenter: Michael Rae

November, 2017

Glossary of terms:

AI – Artificial intelligence – Any technique that enables computers to mimic human intelligence.

ML – Machine learning – A subset of AI that allows machines to improve at tasks with experience.

Deep learning – A subset of ML composed of algorithms that permit software to train itself to perform tasks, like speech and image recognition by exposing multilayered neural networks to vast amounts of data.

Big Data – Extremely large data sets that are used for computational analysis to reveal patterns or trends.

Singularity – Hypothesized time/state at which super intelligent machines begin improving themselves without human involvement.

Quantum Computing – A computing form that combines digital computing with quantum physics to operate 100 million times as fast as personal computers.

1. What do these terms imply for us as humans?

2. What are the implications of this revolution?

Different uses of AI and Robots:

Self-driving cars
Medical science
Military uses
    Personal uses – in the home etc.
    Displacement of humans by robots
    As self-producing androids capable of human feelings

Assessing the future – can robots remain our slaves or will they annihilate us as in “Rossums Universal Robot” (RUR)?